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6 Best Fitness Method

1. Combine cardio and bodybuilding!

Cardio will help you burn calories and be healthy, but it’s not your best ally for toning your entire body. Bodybuilding inversely, will really develop your muscles and the tonic aspect of your body but often does not burn as many calories. So do not hesitate to combine the two by doing either the cardio at the end of your workout (if you start with the cardio, you may be tired when you do your bodybuilding series and thus work less well) or outside of your bodybuilding sessions. The best, in a goal of weight loss and getting a toned body would still be the circuit training, it will combine the interest of bodybuilding and cardio!

Here we are at half of my 10 tips for effective training, I hope you follow well !? Let’s go for 5 more tips for effective training

2. Train 3 times a week minimum.

Yes it takes time, yes it is not always easy to do so much sport, however, if you want the body of your dreams, you will have to train to match your ambitions. Personally, I train 5 times a week, which is a lot and not feasible for everyone. I would recommend you train at least 3 times, it’s a good rhythm to start to have good results. A little simple calculation will help you to understand why: If you train twice a week, you will do about 54 training sessions a year. But if you train 4 times / week, you will do 108. It is therefore normal to have more results!Before After Emma 2013-2015 V2

3. Be persevering.

Transforming your body takes a lot of time and even though we often want to go fast, it’s the best way to be disappointed, frustrated because it seems to devote a lot of energy. And often, it leads us to say “I do it for nothing so why continue”? I lived that dozens of times, I put myself back to the sport inflated to block saying to me in 2 months I would be fit and in the end, I was so disappointed that I gave up quickly. From the moment I accepted that it would take time, I could hold for a long time: it’s been 3 years since I managed to go to sport regularly and I finally got results! I did not change anything in the meantime, I did not find any magic formula.

4. Think about stretching

Again, bodybuilding can be traumatic for our bodies so it must be preserved to last. For this, think about stretching, either at the end of the session or later in the day. This will help your body recover, gain flexibility and be even better at the next session! You can find many stretching exercises to do here

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5. Eat to build your muscles!

And yes, to train is good but the muscles are built especially after the session, during the rest. Nutrition is particularly important to help your muscles build because it is your diet that provides the necessary nutrients to your muscles. Eat enough protein, good carbohydrates in reasonable quantities (especially around your training), fiber and of course good lipids. For more info on your diet, do not hesitate to watch this video

6. Take pleasure in it!

I know that for many, bodybuilding is often seen as a constraint rather than a pleasure. We suffer, we do not necessarily have the time, we are tired, etc. In short, being a former non-sporty, I can assure you that for a long time going to do my training was not motivating and I dragged feet. Suddenly, I gave up quickly and I was struggling to overtake … You really have to work on it to find pleasure because it will help you to hold in the long run! We can force ourselves some time but difficult to do things that are not motivating for a long time. So work to find motivation: pride in passing yourself, motivating results, a way of training that suits you better, etc.