Fun zone

Asphalt 8 Airborne


Asphalt 8 Airborne has many circuits with boosts, ramps and alternative tracks you need to learn and memorize. We encourage you to explore each of the circuits in detail so that you can adapt your driving style and get better results in the ranking!

Note that some shortcuts are very interesting in that you will gain valuable seconds, while others will slow down your progress.

Once confident on a particular circuit, feel free to use ramps and drifts when cornering. You will gain a few seconds and fill up your boost gauge as well. Simply put, you will have to train, train and train if you want to master all the circuits!


Ejection is an integral part of the game and allows you to “off” your opponents for a few seconds. When you successfully eject, your nitro gauge is charging. But beware ! If you do not go faster than other cars, you will not be able to eject them and your car will be slowed down considerably.

Ejections can be done in different ways, here is the list:

While driving on the backside of a car and on the sides

Pushing a car in the scenery by doing a drift

Hit a car in the air / landing on a car by doing a Flat Spin or a Barrer Roll (when you perform tricks during your jump) by hitting several cars at the same time or within a very short time


The Nitro Boost are also a fundamental element in the game. You can see that there are different ways to get it during the race, including making ejections, using ramps, doing tricks or just collecting them before your adversaries. The Nitro Boost are scattered all over the circuit: the blues represent the first level of boost while the yellow second.

We have seen some players do not particularly use the double Nitro boost. Whenever you use your boost, press it a second time when it arrives in the red segment of your nitro gauge to get an extra boost!

You can also decide to buy a Nitro Starter directly from the menu just before the race starts for 3000 credits. You will start the race with a full boost gauge.