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Feeling very well known to most athletes, body aches are a rather unpleasant time to spend. So to help you, I share all my tips to relieve aches .

I do not know you, but for me, even if having a body aches is somewhat unpleasant, I feel a certain pleasure. I tell myself that if I have aches, it is that I worked well! However, not having a body aches does not mean that you have not worked enough. We will see how to relieve aches.

In general, aches and pains occur 12 to 48 hours after your workout and the pain is variable. But here are some extreme scenes that you have already experienced and that will remind you of the pain of your body aches! You have trouble lifting the shower head to wash the day after training, you curse your friend who makes you laugh while you have the abs in compote or, worse, you can not sit on the seat a toilet without standing on the wall after your last leg session.


A stiffness is simply a micro tear on your muscle. They are caused by the exercises during your workout. It’s a normal reaction of your body and that’s how your muscle is built. Micro rips are “repaired” thanks to the food you consume, especially thanks to proteins. But in some cases, these micro tears lead to greater pain during the following days. It is not an injury and it is a normal reaction expressed by your body. Normal but unpleasant!lumbago


Having no stiffness does not mean that one does not work, in general the stiffness occurs when your muscles are solicited in a way he is not used to. This usually happens when you start the sport or resume after the holidays. But this also happens when you do a new exercise that your body is not used to. You can run regularly, if you start doing squats overnight, you may have aches and pains, despite being used to working your legs. This can also happen when you increase the intensity or duration of your workout. Some exercises will also promote aches. For example when performing eccentric movements. That is, movements that exert both contraction and stretching of a muscle. A good example is the curl biceps.

On the contrary, when you have a sport routine, that you do the same exercises regularly, the body aches are generally much weaker. It does not mean you do not work hard enough. Simply that your muscle is used to this movement, so it is less sensitive to this exercise.


There are several solutions to limit the effect of body aches. And the best way is to avoid having one!


Well I know it’s a little late now that you can not move with dignity and you have the approach of Lucky Luke. But at least you’ll know it for next time. Take time to warm up before your weight training for 10-15 minutes. Just perform the movements you will be doing during your workout with very light weight or no load in a dynamic way. This will allow your muscle to prepare for work! In the same way, if you resume the sport, even if you are super motivated, ready to lift mountains, start slowly! Your body is no longer used to training and if you force too much, you risk breaking your momentum by having to stop because the aches are too painful.

If the aches are already present, contrary to what one thinks, it is useless to stretch you. You could cause more damage to your muscles. The best solution on the other hand is not to skimp on (auto) massages.


If you do not have a massage roller you can still massage yourself using an arnica oil for example. The properties are to calm inflammations and the combined action of the massage and the properties of arnica will allow you to recover faster.


There are also massage oils in roll-on format, the massage ball of roller associated with the oil also allows to perform interesting pressure movements on sore muscles.



Easy to use and very fast, it is the best medicine for body aches! 10 minutes on the area are sufficient after training and then we start every 24 hours. The massage rollers have pimples of variable shape according to the models, the purpose of which, during the roles performed during their use, is to pressure and massage the areas suffering from body aches.

Say like that, it looks super nice our little massage session. But in fact, it’s pretty painful! Nevertheless, it is really very effective and natural, it is better than shooting painkillers. Feel free to adjust the pressure you exert on your muscles and increase it gradually as the muscles relax.


Branched amino acid supplements, or BCAAs, are known to significantly reduce the level of muscle damage and muscle soreness caused by training. They help your body to assimilate proteins and thus recover faster. The ideal is to consume them around your training to promote muscle recovery.