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Plants vs Zombies Game

Goal of the game

The goal of the game is to prevent the zombies from entering the house to eat the player’s brain. To do this, the player must plant mushrooms and various plants that will defend or bring resources. Each plant will bring its own offensive, defensive or protective effect (resources). The further the player goes, the more complicated the levels will be.

the second episode of the mobile game Plants Vs. Zombies diverts the tower defense and keeps its promises by offering sophisticated and infinite variations.

Which mobile game lover has never had? Who has never succumbed to the temptation of a title concealing its lack of substance in seductive attire? Nothing like Plants vs. Zombies. If his cartoon undead have benefited from so much care, it is on the contrary to forget that his game mechanics is extremely sophisticated.

“The worst way to present it to someone would be to say it’s a tower defense,” said Allen Murray, producer of episode 2, which is coming out these days. It’s better to ask him if he wants to fight plants and zombies. “

Appeared since 2009 on most gaming machines (iPhone, Xbox 360, PS3, DS …), Plants vs. Zombies is a title apart, even for the expert in falsely light treats (Bejeweled, Peggle, Zuma …) that is PopCap. Because if the American studio is the developer of games that cherish those who, usually, hate them, Plants vs. Zombies is on the side of serious gender diversion, in this case the tower defense, to which the fussy followers of Starcraft, Warcraft and Age of Empire Were the first to indulge. The principle: assailants (the zombies) arrive in waves. It’s up to us to set up “launches” of projectiles (plants) on their way to stop them.

As there are different types of opponents, plants and playgrounds, the possibilities seem endless In May, a Facebook game was born . Next year, on consoles, it will be the turn of the muscular spin-off Garden Warfare. As for the iPhone component, it will regularly receive additional levels just as free as the game itself, which adopts the popular model of free to play and micropayments (to progress faster, enrich its arsenal) . For PopCap (and Electronic Arts who bought it in 2011), Plants vs. Zombies 2 probably has economic experience. But first of all, it’s a nice playful promise.