WCM 2 – Waypoint Community Modcast Episode 2

What happens when you take 7 Halo Waypoint Community Leaders and throw them all into a podcast together? Find out in Episode 2 of the Waypoint Community Modcast. We cover all the latest and greatest news in the Halo universe, from Halo CE Anniversary going gold, to Atlas, to the upcoming release of Glasslands. And we act in a mature and professional fassion the entire time……. *cough*….

Modcast Episode 2

Download Episode 2

Hosted by:

  • Nevin Douglas (CruelLEGACEY)
  • Jeff Easterling (GrimBrother One)
  • Rukari Austin (Rukizzel)
  • Daniel Kuhn (Elusive Eagle)
  • Lars Einar Johansen (UNSC Warhead)
  • Grant Cheney (Kalamari)
  • Brandon Doss (SirPwn4g3)

Welcome to the Waypoint Community Modcast! This all new podcast is brought to you by the Waypoint Community Leaders. Join us as we discuss the latest and greatest in Halo news, updates, developments, and whatever else we feel like talking about.

Don’t forget to check out the official Waypoint Modcast discussion thread over at Halo Waypoint.

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Read DayandKnightly’s Modcast Bulletin for this episode.

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2 Responses to WCM 2 – Waypoint Community Modcast Episode 2

  1. Another cool episode with interesting insights into the Haloverse. And it makes going for vehicle kills in Firefight go so much faster.

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