PAX East 2012 – Day 1

PAX East 2012 is in full swing, and CruelLEGACEY is in Boston to take it all in.

PAX East has just begun, and my mind is already swirling with too many stories to cover. Much time has been spent catching up with old friends, and of course making some new ones in the process. The show floor is just as insane as I remember it being last year.


Max Payne 3 is being shown off in a big way. It looks like Rockstar is taking a page out of their own book in terms of the game’s visual style. It definitely bares similarities to the bright, saturated colors found in Red Dead Redemption. Tribes Ascension looks absolutely amazing. As a die-hard fan of Tribes 2, I’m very happy to see the return of wide-open terrain and vehicular combat.

Borderlands 2 seems to be getting a lot of attention from attendees, but I can’t offer much insight beyond that. The game looks slightly better than the original Borderlands, but I was never a fan so I don’t have much of a basis for comparison. I’ve also heard that Bioware will be showing some of the scheduled Mass Effect 3 DLC at some point over the weekend (possibly on Saturday). I’ll keep you posted!

After a brief tour around the show floor, I stopped by the main theatre to catch Gabe and Tycho’s Q&A session. It proved to be entertaining and heartwarming at the same time, with lots of convention goers sharing stories about the various ways PAX and Penny Arcade have touched them over the course of their lives.


By far the highlight of the day for me was the “Lurker to Leader: A Frags to Riches Story” panel hosted by the one and only Goosechecka (Community Manager of Also on the panel was Jeff Easterling (Administrator, Halo.Bungie.Org), Barbara Dunkelman (Community Manager, Rooster Teeth Productions), Eric “DMZilla” Doty (Xbox LIVE Community Manager), and Jessica “bs angel” Shea (Halo Waypoint Community Manager).

The panel provided a fascinating discussion of the challenges and motivations faced when building and leading a community. Lots of great q&a time with the audience as well.


That’s a wrap for my PAX East Day 1 highlights. I’ll be back to share some more stories tomorrow!



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